Sustainable Health & Hygiene

Sustainable Health & Hygiene

Developing countries face the challenge of improving living standards of rural people for their sustainable livelihoods. Majority of developing nation are agrarian economies characterized by low productivity operating on small holdings with inadequate and poor infrastructure. There are several interventions for development and one such potential instruments is the application of science and technology in rural areas which intends to transform rural areas towards development for sustainable and profitable livelihood.
Mc Abbas provides support to most needy people in rural communities through resource mobilization science and technology through advocacy for positive social change and rural development.

Strategic Goals

1. To provide sustainable solutions.
2. Build the capacity of local community-based societies to address their concern.
3. Reducing poverty by food security and livelihoods.
4. Empowering women and affected people.
5. Education and vocational training for school dropout

To reach the objectives, the following activities will be carried out:

• Need assessment studies.
• Technical/socio-economic cultural studies.
• Surveys and community-based studies.
• Implementation of projects.
• Workshops, seminars, forums, and exhibitions.
• Capacity building.
• Community and groups-based dialogue.